Rockford Sports Boosters


Rockford Sports Boosters is a non-profit community of volunteers dedicated to supporting the development of students through lessons learned participating in sports. To foster and focus the volunteer efforts, Rockford Sports Boosters focuses on Four Pillars of Purpose: Fundraising, Education, Programs, and Special Projects. Read below to learn about our Four Pillars of Purpose and how you can get involved in the development of students through lessons learned participating in sports.


Rockford Sports BoostersContribute Now. Raising money for the advancement of Rockford sports is the largest area of effort for the Rockford Sports Boosters. The Rockford Sports Boosters operates the sports concessions, runs events, compiles and prints season programs, and conducts sales for the purpose of raising funds to advance Rockford sports. From the funds raised, the Rockford Sports Boosters develops Rockford sports through paying for equipment to teams, promoting education, promoting programs, and financing/funding special projects.


Rockford Sports BoostersRockford Sports Boosters is committed to the development of students to their maximum potential. Participation in sports is a great area where students can learn important lessons in their development as people. In promotion of sports and the education of the Rockford Sports Community, the Rockford Sports Boosters holds educational events to provide knowledge and information to athletes, parents, and the community. If you have a subject matter where you believe an educational program would benefit the Rockford Sports Community, please contact the Rockford Sports Boosters and share the idea so it can become a reality.


To facilitate the development of students in sports, Rockford Sports Boosters is hosting programs and events. Programs are those regular operational aspects of the Rockford Sports Boosters or special events that bring the sports communities together to advance student development objectives created through sports. By way of an example, the Rockford Sports Boosters is partnering with the Rockford Public Schools business class to help run the concessions stand. While the students are not necessarily athletes, they are participating in sporting activities and learning about business, team work, and volunteering importance.


Rockford Sports BoostersThe Rockford Sports Boosters will be developing a special project. The term special project is meant to be a large special need of Rockford sports that benefits the Rockford sports community as a whole. It is not focused on any one team need, but on the Rockford sports community. The Rockford Sports Boosters board is looking for the right project to promote, fundraise, and to use as a catalyst for advancing the Rockford Sports Boosters purpose. Something that we, the Rockford sports community, can get behind and provide. If you have ideas, please contact the Rockford Sports Boosters. The goal is to have the special project determined by January 1, 2018.